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ESA involved in two industry events this spring

Numerous logistics-related conferences and exhibitions are held each year around the world. For ESA Logistika, part of the Hitachi Transport System group, two local events in particular feature high on the agenda this spring.

11 May 2016

Optimal chain management

To meet the ever-growing demands in today’s rapidly changing market, all the partners in the chain must be aligned and be able to adapt the chain as necessary. But how should your supply chain be set up in practice in order to not only improve collaboration but also to maximise the benefits you gain? Read on for a number of tips.

10 May 2016

'One Hitachi' event in Poland

Hitachi Ltd. Poland recently organised an event called 'One Hitachi' and ESA Logistika was one of the companies that took part. The event was attended by 60 top-level participants representing 20 Hitachi Group companies as well as their distributors and partners.

10 May 2016

Column: How busy will our city centres really be in the future?

Urban logistics has been a complex issue for many years. There have been countless initiatives aimed at improving deliveries to the centres of towns and cities. Some were more successful than others and many were complete flops. How come?

31 March 2016

The benefits of collaborating with supply chain partners

Sharing information with your supply chain partners can enable you to collaborate on production, maintenance and/or transport activities. In addition to generating cost savings, that can also improve your distribution network and contribute to a more sustainable goods flow. A cross chain control centre can form a strong basis for a collaborative approach.

14 April 2016

Hitachi Transport System plus Sagawa creates Japan's second-largest logistics provider

At the end of March 2016, Hitachi Transport System Ltd. announced that it is forming a capital and business alliance with SG Holdings Co., Ltd. and Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. This will create Japan’s second-largest distribution service provider.

07 April 2016

Hitachi Transport System Group companies collaborate on Polish power plant project

Since the beginning of 2016, ESA Logistika (part of Hitachi Transport System Group) has been working on numerous transport and logistics projects for the energy sector, including a major power plant in Poland.

05 April 2016

ESA Logistics now AEO-certified

After a long and very demanding period of preparation, ESA Logistics - part of the HTS Group - has achieved Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification in the Czech Republic, including certification type AEO-C. Hence, ESA Logistics is fully prepared for the introduction of the new Union Customs Code in the EU on 1 May 2016.

29 March 2016

Column: Maintaining a competitive edge through customs activities

There are many successful Dutch governmental regulations that have been contributing to employment opportunities and creating jobs for decades - so it is possible! 

03 March 2016

Taking the upheaval out of urban logistics

Urban logistics or ‘city logistics’ covers the whole range of logistics transport activities in towns and cities, from store replenishment and post and parcel deliveries to the collection of commercial and household waste. Major telecommunication advancements (smartphones, internet) and cheaper mobility have led to the emergence of new supply chain set-ups.

17 March 2016

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