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ESA Logistika

ESA Logistika

With over 1,000 employees and facilities in four different countries, ESA Logistika is one of Eastern Europe's leading logistics service suppliers. ESA Logistika has been part of the Hitachi Transport System Group since 2007. 

Are you looking for logistics solutions in Eastern Europe that meet your CSR objectives? If so, ESA Logistika will work closely with you to find the ideal solution – its ‘Green 3PL Solutions' concept focuses on a sustainable future for all.

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Vantec World Transport

Vantec World Transport

Since its foundation in Japan in 1987, Vantec World Transport has evolved into a leading logistics supplier within the automotive sector. Formerly called Yokohama Yuso Co. Ltd, Vantec initially provided transport and packing services to the Nissan Group. Nowadays, the company is an all-round logistics service supplier to many different companies. 

In March 2012, Vantec Corp. became a full member of the Hitachi Transport System Group. With facilities in Japan, America, Europe and Asia, Vantec has helped to expand the Hitachi Transport System Group's network considerably.

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Mars Logistics

Mars Logistics

The MARS Logistics Group, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, has several offices around the world from where it offers a full range of logistics services including road transport, warehousing, event logistics and much more.

The Mars Logistics Group became part of the Hitachi Transport System Group on 1 October 2013. If you require logistics services organised from within Turkey or the surrounding region which offer you outstanding access to Europe, Russia, North Africa and the Middle East, you can rely on the first Turkish member of the Hitachi Transport System Group to meet your needs!

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