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Many organisations throughout Europe and around the world are enjoying the benefits of our logistical services every day. You can read what some of our customers have to say about us below.

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High-tech and electronics

hitachi data systems

Frans van Rijn, Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain at Hitachi Data Systems:

"Hitachi Transport System is a crucial factor in the level of service we provide to our customers. The people at Hitachi Transport System are extremely flexible and take our company growth in their stride. They also cope admirably with our fluctuating workload, which is subject to peaks and troughs. That can make things difficult for logistics service providers, but Hitachi Transport System is able to offer a very customer-oriented approach.”

nidec servo

Jan van Dijkhuizen, Commercial Employee at Nidec Servo Europe B.V., a company that develops and manufactures precision motors and fans:

"Hitachi Transport System takes care of our complete logistics process from our locations in Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. This ranges from the collection and transportation of goods to and from The Netherlands and the storage in Waardenburg through to forwarding and logistics to all locations throughout Europe. I am very satisfied about the service we receive. We recently had a problem, for instance, and they were very quick to arrive on the scene of the action.”

hitachi airconditioning

Tiago Cordas, Logistics Coordinator at Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS (HACE), Spain:

"Hitachi Transport System handles all of HACE's logistics activities, from the inbound logistics right through to the outbound logistics. Hitachi Transport System has evolved from being a service provider into a valued partner. Our strong relationship, based on mutual trust, allows us to face the current market challenges together and provides the foundation for sustainable growth, for both of our companies. We are particularly committed to minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment, and Hitachi Transport System helps us achieve our objectives by ensuring that our inbound and outbound logistics are organised as efficiently and reliably as possible.”

Other industries


Johan Hanterink, Transport Manager at Kovax Almelo:

"For Kovax, Hitachi Transport System takes care of receiving our sea freight in Rotterdam, processing the containers and transporting the goods by road to our facility in Almelo. We always have contact with the same representative within Hitachi Transport System, who's always bang up to date on the latest status. Because our communication line with him is so short, we always know exactly when the container will arrive in Almelo. Then we can have our people ready and waiting to process the delivery.”

hitachi europe gmbh

Walter Dittmann, Financial Accounting Manager at Hitachi Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf:

"As our fiscal representative in The Netherlands, Hitachi Transport System prepares not only the VAT declaration for us but also the EC Sales List. My main contact person within Hitachi Transport System is Eddy Wenehenubun, and I am very happy to work with him. Hitachi Transport System provides very good service and reliable support. We work together closely and the communication between us runs very smoothly. Before a deadline, for example, we are always told what kind of information is required from us and when we need to supply it by. Furthermore, the response time is really quick. We work with various fiscal representatives in other European countries, but none of them respond as quickly as Hitachi Transport System.”

hitachi construction machinery

An employee of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe in Oosterhout:

"Hitachi Transport System manages our warehouse operation and communicates effectively with all HCME's internal departments, thus helping us to maintain – and improve – the quality of service towards our customers. Due to an ever-changing market, we need a flexible partner to ensure we offer our customers the best possible service, and Hitachi Transport System provides precisely the kind of flexibility that we need. Working together is the key to global success, and Hitachi Transport System helps us to achieve that thanks to its collaborative approach – that is what truly sets it apart from other international logistics providers.”

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